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Children, teens and adults

Group size Price
4-5 people 10
3 people 13.5

All the above prices are in EUR/hour/person.

Extra-curricular and in-company

Extra-curricular In-company
40 (màx. 8 students) 40 (màx. 5 students)

The prices for extra-curricular and in-company lessons are in EUR/hour/group.

  • Children (1-6 years old)

    Baby-sitting: fun educational activities and continuous interaction. Introduce your child to the new language in a natural and entertaining way!

  • Children (7-12 years old)

    Lessons delivered through interactive activities designed to help children develop their spoken English while reinforcing all the other language skills.

  • Teens and young adults

    Lessons delivered through a range of fun activities (videos, games, debates, discussions) designed specifically for teens to let them build their speaking confidence and improve all the other aspects of their English.

  • Lessons delivered through the Intuniti language-learning program which is based on immediate application of the new grammar and vocabulary in speaking practice and personal involvement through questions and conversations.

    Adults (beginner and elementary)

  • General English lessons based on the Intuniti language-learning program supplemented with custom activities to cover your company's special needs. Assistance with business correspondence, presentations, interviews etc.


  • Lessons delivered through the Intuniti program to help you develop fluency, get rid of common mistakes, pick up new grammar and increase your active vocabulary.

    Adults (intermediate and advanced)

  • Bilingual/multilingual teachers who are experts in both language learning and teaching.

  • Teaching you HOW to learn a foreign language besides the language, so that on completing the Intuniti program you can continue studying on your own.

  • Extra material for self-study to help you create an "immersion" experience at home.

  • Individual study tips for each student.