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Teens and adults

Group size Price
4 people 10 EUR/person/hour
3 people 12 EUR/person/hour
2 people 16 EUR/person/hour


Group size Price
Max. 7 people 40 EUR/group/hour
  • Teens and adults

    Lessons delivered through the Intuniti language-learning program which is based on immediate application of the new grammar and vocabulary in speaking practice and personal involvement through questions and conversations.

  • Companies

    General English lessons based on the Intuniti language-learning program supplemented with custom activities to cover your company's special needs. Assistance with business correspondence, presentations, interviews etc.

  • Teens and adults
    (intermediate and advanced)

    Lessons delivered through the Intuniti program to help you develop fluency, get rid of common mistakes, pick up new grammar and increase your active vocabulary.

  • Bilingual/multilingual teachers who are experts in both language learning and teaching.

  • Teaching you HOW to learn a foreign language besides the language, so that on completing the Intuniti program you can continue studying on your own.

  • Extra material for self-study to help you create an "immersion" experience at home.

  • Individual study tips for each student.