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Intuniti method

  • All classes are an intensive speaking practice. By letting you practise all the new language patterns through speaking, we make use of the most important memory mechanism - retaining whatever is classified as "useful".
  • We believe that the key to efficient vocabulary acquisition is using it in a variety of contexts and media over a relatively short period of time. That is why at our courses we use interesting texts on various subjects to let you naturally acquire the new vocabulary and grammar patterns and then intensively recycle them over a course of a few lessons.
  • We use a visual and intuitive way to explain grammar. Our target is to let you develop a natural feeling for the inner logic of the language (to tune in to it).
  • We blend vocabulary and grammar practice into the same exercises. Practising grammar like this not only saves time, but also provides us with another context to practise the new vocabulary.
  • At any point of the lesson students can start a discussion if they stumble upon a controversial topic. This usually provides a welcome break from drilling and lets you develop your spontaneous speaking skills.
  • You are always personally involved in the class through questions and discussions. The principle here is: "Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I will understand. Involve me, and I will remember."
  • The atmosphere at our classes is relaxed. You can always take your time. We believe that the key to efficient and happy learning is relaxed concentration and having fun.
  • Introduction of new vocabulary and grammar through a variety of contexts and their immediate application in speaking practice.

  • Personal involvement in the lessons ("Tell me, and I will forget! Show me, and I will understand! Involve me, and I will remember!").

  • Visual and intuitive grammar explanations.

  • Stress-free atmosphere of relaxed concentration.